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Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is an augmented soft tissue mobilization (ASTM) therapy used by physicians, including chiropractors, physical therapists, and osteopathic physicians, to correct fascial restrictions, reduce scar tissue and enhance the range of motion. The technique uses convex and concave-shaped stainless steel tools that are not sharp to scan and detect areas where the fibrotic tissue has been damaged. The set of equipment is also used to treat areas that have suffered damage.

How the Technique Works

Treatment using the Graston Technique lasts from four to five weeks. Patients receive one or two treatments in a week. Most patients experience positive results after the third treatment session. The use of steel tools is vital in proper diagnosis of a problem and also helps reduce strain on a therapist’s hands. A therapist can reach out to tissues that have a problem deep in the body while at the same time being mindful of how much pain a patient can tolerate. The scar tissue is broken by the movement of the instruments over the affected area together with the effect of the adhesions naturally produced by the body.

The technique works on the reasoning that when a tool is used to introduce micro-trauma on the skin where excessive scarring has occurred, this will cause an inflammatory response. Inflammation helps to restart the healing process by removing the scar tissue and triggering the release of adhesions in cells that have been affected by soft tissue fibrosis. Inflammation also enhances the supply of nutrients and blood into the injured part and also the migration of fibroblasts away from the wound. The Graston Technique helps to restore the healthy functioning of soft tissues after an injury by breaking the pain and dysfunction cycle, which can negatively impact your range of motion.

Stiffness in connective tissue can make you feel pain when stretching and can result in an injury. The Graston Technique enhances flexibility by stretching the connective tissue. Reflex changes in the dominant group of muscles are crucial to avoiding muscle stiffness.

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